VillainCon 2017

Admin Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Create an immersive experience connecting all Blizzard brands with the influencers that love them.

Activate & Engage: We conceptualized and produced an exclusive masquerade ball celebrating the worst of Blizzard’s villains. Guests received a custom villain mask, navigated a laser maze, tried their hand at blackjack, took a photo on the Frozen Throne in the snowing room, and were surrounded by a buildout from the various worlds and elaborate cosplay actors.

Amplify: An online virtual 3D walkthrough of the venue created in Unreal Engine offered at-home fans a chance to experience the activations. Plenty of shareable moments allowed guests to spread awareness.

Report & Support: 1000+ social media posts led to a total of 5mm impressions and caused the event to be the fourth top trending hashtag.

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