LG Quadwash

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Objective: Bring the ultimate family friendly summer experience to New York City to engage parents and kids around their excitement for the new LG Quadwash dishwasher.

Activate & Engage: A custom inflatable water park in the shape of the new LG QuadWash. In the heart of NY for three Saturdays in August. Experience included a live feed to the 5 cabanas, dry cycle photo Gif, popsicle carts, DJ, swag, and of course a stage for the LG QuadWash dishwashers.

Amplify: Produced a livestream event where Adrienne C. Moore, Fortune Feimster, J.D. Witherspoon, and Sam Talbot raced through the water park completing multiple cycles during the final Summer Street’s Saturday.

Report & Support: 981MM media impressions, 17.9k consumer interactions, 6.23 MM social media impressions.

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