HTC America

Double A Events Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: For a trade audience, provide opportunities to try the HTC Vive and experience gaming and content activations first-hand.

Activate & Engage: Built seven HTC Vive demo stations in three trial zones at the E3 conference venue. Provided lounges for informal industry meetings. Added an outdoor pop-up room in LA Live for bonus consumer trial. Provided a mix of gaming and experiential VR content.

Amplify: Premiered Double A’s Mixed Reality video technology, which stitches together views of the live player and the game environment into a single output view, with optional streaming.  Sourced and managed an advanced booking utility to maximize available demos.

Report & Support: 815 demos over three days, including T-Pain and celebrity influencers; 1.5 million #vivelive impressions, 74,000 mixed reality impressions, 106,000 Facebook likes.

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