How Companies are Marketing with Virtual Reality: Mixed Reality Video

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Our most popular 2016 activations have been VR headsets and content demos, especially game demos. Every spot we’ve offered to trial the HTC Vive, PlaystationVR, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft Hololens has been claimed, with a waiting list.

After demoing VR, our guests take off their headsets with big eyes and have a “THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME” moment. They’re pumped, but the next person is waiting, arms crossed, isolated from the experience. We thought, hey, what if we could make VR more of a shared, social experience? What if you could watch that player IN the VR environment?

And that’s how Double A’s Mixed Reality Video product was born. Mixed Reality Video stitches a view of the physical player into the virtual environment. Basically, you become the hero of a movie your friends can watch. We can send that stitched video output to monitors or stream it.

Now “THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME” scales across the viewing audience. Our guests are engaged in the demo and more conversations get shared in person and on chat platforms.

We have a lot more information about equipment, set-up, and how Mixed Reality Video works in this one-sheet and this video. (No registration gates, just click to view.) Or, call us for more information or a demo. We’ll try not talk your ear off, because we love this stuff.

Let’s work together to put the real back into virtual reality.

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