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Double A is the premiere event planning company of Austin, TX. Centrally located in the heart of Austin, we are happy to serve as your local event production experts. Double A Events has worked with major companies such as Dell, Hulu, Alienware, HTC, Apple and AT&T to produce branded experiences while leveraging partnerships to maximize ROI.

Experiential Marketing

Double A Events doesn’t throw parties – we create experiences. We live for “Wow” moments that shock and delight your guests. Our experienced team works with you and your company to design and build an immersive brand environment dedicated to details. Using space design, vinyls, props and integrating attention grabbing event technologies, we create 5-7 unique activation zones that encourage social sharing and participation. These can vary anywhere from food and beverage zones with unique culinary experiences to interactive social media displays or event aerialists and robots.

Double A Events has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies to create braded experiences across the globe. From international gaming competitions and conventions in Brazil to ballroom dinners for the Gates Foundation, Double A leverages our team of creative event producers and strategists to work side-by-side as a trusted marketing partner.


Brand Partnerships

Austin, TX is the home of many major international brands, and Double A Events leverages years of experience and partnerships to add value to your company’s event. Our strategists connect you with valuable partners and resources, from hardware and software integration to food and beverage sponsorships. Leveraging technology and live streaming, we can broadcast your event into a production seen by millions across the web. Let us help connect you to partners that amplify your brand.


In-House Technology

Event experiences have evolved tremendously over the years, and Double A Events has invested to push the envelope of event technologies with a team of highly skilled strategists. Starting with web design and interactive digital invitation design and 3D venue layouts, our technology team assists in early planning. Later, our technology team creates branded activation zones that encourage participation including custom virtual reality experiences and augmented reality buildouts, live streaming, custom social media walls and integration, slow motion video booths and photography, and even mobile application and software engineering.

Austin Texas has become a technology capital for the United States. With SXSW and the Austin Convention Center companies come from all over the world to experience what the “Live Music Capital of the World” has to offer. We specialize in event production for cutting edge technological brands such as Alienware, Apple, HTC and Blizzard.


Focused on ROI

Double A Event’s in-house technology staff specialize in social media and live streaming strategies that take events to the next level. From product launches to SXSW showcases, taking your live experience across the internet engages your users and fans across the world.

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    Double A’s technology specialists work with you to leverage social media to create anticipation for your event. With strategies such as behind-the-scenes material, social competition and giveaways, and influencer partnerships, we build a consistent buzz.

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    During Event

    Live social media displays update immediately encouraging guests to post while your audience views from around the world. Pre-scheduled content nurtures organic interaction, creating live excitement and responses via social media. Questions and complaints are addressed immediately for maximized customer service.

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    Post Event

    Double A Events delivers a full analytics breakdown to measure performance and ROI. Metrics are separated and broken down, identifying key posts and influencers. Our recap video is delivered to post, further engaging audience. Photos and videos are shared via secured digital asset management portal.


Why Choose an Austin Event Planning Company?

Aside from the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, TX is becoming a national center for events, conventions and productions. Boasting the world-famous SXSW and Austin City Limits, Austin has been growing to accommodate larger crowds and bigger brands. The Austin Convention Center brings companies from all over the world, while the Circuit of the Americas Racetrack has expanded the city into international competition and fame.

With all the fast pace growth as the city evolves, it is becoming more important to work with local event production companies that leverage local partnerships and vendors to make your event uniquely “Austin.” Double A Events knows the right venues, partners, and local permitting needed to make your event a success. In addition, our in-house technology capabilities and production capabilities, we are your clear choice for the best event production company in Austin.

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  • Design and build an immersive, branded environment
  • Establish 5-7 activation zones that encourage participation and social sharing
  • Develop and integrate attention-grabbing event technology

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  • Deliver strategic brand partnerships
  • Drive market awareness and social impressions

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  • Build a PowerPoint executive presentation with event summary, feedback, and analysis of social reach
  • Produce a sizzle reel that recreates and showcases the experience

Ready to get started? We are ready to listen and share our ideas for enhancing your experiential marketing ROI. Contact us today!