VillainCon 2017

Admin Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Create an immersive experience connecting all Blizzard brands with the influencers that love them.

Activate & Engage: We conceptualized and produced an exclusive masquerade ball celebrating the worst of Blizzard’s villains. Guests received a custom villain mask, navigated a laser maze, tried their hand at blackjack, took a photo on the Frozen Throne in the snowing room, and were surrounded by a buildout from the various worlds and elaborate cosplay actors.

PUBG at E3

Admin Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Create an immersive, sharable experience to engage top PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds influencers.

Activate & Engage: Top streamers and content creators enjoyed a scenic buildout with live streamed gameplay, a 360 Photo Booth, specialty screen printing, the Alienware Mobile Broadcast Studio, and themed food & beverage stations.

LG Quadwash

Admin Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Bring the ultimate family friendly summer experience to New York City to engage parents and kids around their excitement for the new LG Quadwash dishwasher.

Activate & Engage: A custom inflatable water park in the shape of the new LG QuadWash. In the heart of NY for three Saturdays in August. Experience included a live feed to the 5 cabanas, dry cycle photo Gif, popsicle carts, DJ, swag, and of course a stage for the LG QuadWash dishwashers.

Survios VRLA Afterparty

Double A Events Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Create a highly unique VR experience and show that VR can be fun for people who have never played VR.

Activate & Engage: Play Survios’ Raw Data on the HTC Vive in four open rooms with viewing monitors around the venue. Create your own game play experience to share with slo-mo photo booth. Food by Komodo Truck and full bar.

Webtoon US Launch

Double A Events Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Promote LINE Webtoon, a digital comics site, as it launched an English language version app during San Diego Comic-Con.

Activate & Engage: Created interactive event at one of the city’s most popular restaurants, across the street from the Convention Center. Hosted a Media Panel featuring Stan Lee and a VIP event. The experience included Cosplay Actors, Photo Booth, Games and Swag giveaways.

Heroes of the Storm

Double A Events Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Launch Heroes of the Storm for key influencers and build positive game reviews.

Activate & Engage: Live game play tournament featuring key influencers, cosplay fashion show, dance-off, themed food and drink stations.

Alienware Alpha Tour

Double A Events Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Raise awareness of the Alienware Alpha console and the Alienware family of hardware products with Males 18-35 who play videogames for entertainment.

Activate & Engage: 8 game-play stations on a branded truck, cosplay, tournaments, swag giveaways, celeb photo ops, exclusive games and content, and blazing fast Alpha hardware powered by Intel processors.

AT&T Entertainment Group Kickoff

Double A Events Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Celebrate the new AT&T Entertainment Group formed from the AT&T and DirecTV merger to facilitate team bonding and enthusiasm.

Activate & Engage: DJ, laser show, a live performance by the Surf City All-Stars, outdoor fire pits, food by Fill ‘Er Up Gastro Garage.

Amplify: Oculus Rift in virtual reality simulators like skiing and hot air ballooning.

Report & Support: Over 750 attendees, first opportunity for most to try consumer VR.

Hulu Party at SXSW

Double A Events Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: Use SXSW event to launch the brand tagline “For the love of TV”.

Activate & Engage: Within a comfortably furnished “Texas Boho” environment, used large-scale original art canvasses and light sculptures to highlight the Hulu tagline. Added a stage for live performances, an outdoor space with an kitted out Airstream for food service, charging stations, and themed food and beverage service.

HTC America

Double A Events Case Studies, Portfolio

Objective: For a trade audience, provide opportunities to try the HTC Vive and experience gaming and content activations first-hand.

Activate & Engage: Built seven HTC Vive demo stations in three trial zones at the E3 conference venue. Provided lounges for informal industry meetings. Added an outdoor pop-up room in LA Live for bonus consumer trial. Provided a mix of gaming and experiential VR content.