SXSW Event Planner

Double A is Austin’s premiere event planner. Leveraging our team of experienced creative producers with local partnerships, Double A is the clear choice for your SXSW event planning needs. We have produced branded experiences for dozens of major companies, delivering amazing results focused on ROI.

Advantages of a Local Event Company during SXSW

Both SXSW and Austin, Texas have changed drastically since the festival began 30 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of attendees flock to Austin for a 10 day sprint filled with live music, brand experiences, conferences, trade shows, networking and more. With so many companies and participants, it is increasingly difficult to stand out in the crowd.

It takes an agency with strategy and local knowledge to ensure your investment has significant ROI. As your Austin SXSW experts, Double A Events utilizes our relationships and years of experience to ensure your brand is the in the best hands.

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  • Develop experiential strategy based on clients’ long-term marketing plans
  • Work with partners and sponsors to create on-brand interactive experiences
  • Use technology to extend the experience beyond customers in attendance

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  • Deliver strategic brand partnerships
  • Drive market awareness and social impressions
  • Engage customers at home with compelling, complementary content

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  • Provide executive reports with specific results on KPIs, metrics, and engagement
  • Produce after-experience content to integrate into broader marketing materials
  • Use repeat activations to reduce cost and increase quality over time


Double A Event’s SXSW Experiences

Double A Events has produced events for SXSW for the last five years. Partnering with major brands including HULU, Reddit, Twitch, The Chive, Alienware and Fullscreen, Double A knows how your company can make its mark amidst the hustle and bustle of SXSW. With thousands of events happening each day, it is important to rise above the noise.

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    Pre Event

    Our event strategists partner with your company to generate the pre-event buzz your activation deserves, leveraging compelling content on media and social networks to reach your desired audience.

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    During the Event

    Utilizing in-house technologies to broadcast your event live while social media walls display posts in real time, Double A drives and nurtures the conversation as your guests share their experiences to other SXSW attendees and the world.

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    After the Event

    Double A Events delivers a full report to analyze ROI. We deliver recap photos and professional video that you use to generate posts to keep your audience engaged.


Official SXSW vs. Unofficial SXSW

In 2017, over 70,000 people and hundreds of companies participated in the official SXSW experience. Attendees purchase badges for the tech conferences, trade shows, exhibition halls, live music performances and film releases. Official events are for badge holders only, and include hundreds of parties, mixers, broadcasts, receptions and dinners. Companies partner with SXSW to become a part of the lineup. As official sponsors, companies throw private happy hours, participate in the conventions, demo new product launches in trade shows and hold late night parties to promote their brand.

The official SXSW experience spans 10 days and is divided by genre: Tech, Film, Gaming and Music.

Unofficial SXSW

Hundreds of thousands of people participate in the unofficial SXSW experience. Leveraging the press coverage, buzz of the festival, and sheer quantity of attendees, companies produce huge events the same time as the official SXSW convention and open the doors to the public and badge holders alike. This ranges from renting venues for epic parties to flash mobs and guerilla marketing to providing free samples to thousands of people.

There are advantages to producing events for both the Official SXSW and Unofficial SXSW. As Austin’s event specialists, Double A Events can help you and your team align your brands goals, vision and budget to determine a successful strategy for activations and experiences at SXSW.


Venues in Austin for SXSW

Unlike any other music festival, film festival or convention, SXSW expands beyond Austin’s convention center and envelopes all of Austin’s downtown. There are “official” venues that SXSW utilizes for “official events,” but virtually every bar, restaurant, event space and even office spaces or residential homes become a part of the SXSW experience.

Companies have the option of joining the “official” SXSW conference, exhibition, or showcase, but many opt to throw private events, launches or experiences outside of the SXSW umbrella. With over 400,000 participants, the festival has far more to offer than just badge holders get to see.

As local event production specialists who have created brand experiences in SXSW for years, we know the best venues in town to make a statement. We have relationships with major venues and event spaces host both “official” SXSW events and partners and “unofficial” spaces available to the public.

Ready to get started? We are ready to listen and share our ideas for enhancing your experiential marketing ROI. Contact us today!